Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting Crafty...

I had every intention to have a fun, fabulous post and finish to post today but alas I do not!

Why you may ask??

Simple... I did not sew this weekend! Instead, I got CRAFTY!! :)

And I spent time on Sunday with my favorite four year old. My lovely niece! Seriously love that girl. She is hilarious! Makes me laugh the whole time we are together.

She and I hit the yard sale of a friend and got lots of brand new crafts to try out. So we had lots of fun playing with glue, glitter and stickers.

My girl getting crafty!

I also started a Project Life journal. Have you heard of this??? It is awesome! Don't have to think about layouts or colors. Just write and glue and go! I decided to give it a go with one of the smaller ones. I'll do a post later about what I've done so far. I did go back in time and start the journal with January 1st. It was fun thinking back on what has happened so far this year! :) Of course, starting up this blog hit one of the pages too! :)

Project Life time!

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