Monday, February 3, 2014

My First Blog Post....

... creative title, I know!

I never thought I would be one of those people with a blog. I love to read other people's blogs but I definitely didn't think that anything that I could write would be worth anyone's time. Why should it?

But then came PINTEREST!!! Ah, Pinterest.... the all-consuming time-sucker! I cannot count the number of hours that I have lost to that page. But oh, my goodness... the gems I have found! Many of the blogs I now read I would have never found with the help of all those Pinners out there! Some of my favorite are:
Previously found here.

Would I have found these guys on my own? Maybe. But probably not... Especially since I am not one to go looking for decorating sites.
Quilting websites, yes.
Cross-stitching, yes.
Decorating, nope.

But, alas, I love these! I love their humor, their insights, and, mostly, getting to know them through their blogs. So these guys will be my inspiration in creating this little blog of mine. Will anyone even read this? I don't know. I know my mama won't unless I put it on the computer for her. (Momma, if you are reading this, I love you!)

So, what's the point of this post? Well, for one, it was to get started. The hardest part about starting a blog is getting started. As was pointed out by Kelly in one of her posts, she said to just start a blog if you want to start a blog! Two, I needed a way to pay "homage" to my favorite bloggers! I know that page views count in the money department and I hit these sites plenty of times a week! Also, it is a way to make a point about what I plan to write.

What is that, you ask? Simple, I will write about the things that I love. The blogs I follow. The things that make me happy, that make me smile. The things I create. The things I create with love and how I made those things. I will take some of the features that I love about the blogs that I admire and recreate that here with my own thoughts and feelings. (And no worries about the copyright! I'll always send you back to them!)

Will this blog get famous? Probably not. Will just my sister and coworkers read it? Maybe. If just to tease me about it! Will I lose my nerve and not write another post in my life? Hopefully not. Will I allow this blog to take over my life? Nope! Will I let it get my ideas and thoughts out in a written forum? YES!

So, there you go, my FIRST blog post in all its glory!

Happy Crafting!! :)

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