Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quilting Class

I have never taken a formal quilting class. I had home economics in junior high and high school. So I learned the basics of sewing and cutting and such but not on quilting.

I learned to quilt by reading books, reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. I have probably read every quilting book in my parish library!

Using this collection of information I have started my road to quilting. I am still a little uncomfortable in a group of quilters.

But that's about to change!

I took a great quilting class on Saturday at a small shop in Bossier, Cotton Candy Quilts.

We had a great teacher who was super patient. Everyone had a different level of experience. It was really apparent as we all worked through the day. Some of us only had a couple of blocks done while others had all of the blocks done!

We actually jumped as soon as the clock hit 10AM. Ripped open that jelly roll and started sorting the cloth by light, medium and dark. Then got to work sewing! We sewed the strips together in the light - medium - dark order and then cut those into triangles. Then we sewed them all together!

Here's my first two blocks that I made:
Ignore the batik next to my blocks! I was sharing wall space with the sample quilt! :)

My station after making a few strips

After awhile I got into a good grove and started to "assembly line" my sewing to turn out more blocks!
Sewing each triangle (1/4 of each block) to the other.

Matching up my halves of each block.
By the end of the day, I had made a total of eight blocks and had my strips ready to go for the final four blocks I needed to make a 3x4 quilt.
My finished blocks!!!
I'm so ready to finish up my final four blocks! My husband is ready for his quilt to be done. I hope I actually finish the entire thing up before the summer hits so he can actually use it this winter! :)

Hopefully, I'll post a finished quilt top soon! Plus, I may try my hand at a tutorial on this block as it is relatively simple. First, I have to research the copyright on it the pattern itself.

Also, I have triangles left over from these blocks (each strip grouping made a total of 6 triangles so I have two left from each). Our instructor showed us a fun way to use of those triangles! I think I see a fun gift for my mother-in-law!


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