Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Perfect Baby Gift

A couple of years ago I stumbled across this awesome book at my local public library. It was filled with simple fun baby gift ideas. Today I couldn't tell you the title of that book. I did end up purchasing a copy during a library sale fundraiser but haven't a clue where that book is now. Hopefully I will now be able to find the book!! I'm also certain it is storage with the rest of my crafting books.

But that's off topic. Every time someone I know is pregnant or has a baby, I make the same baby quilt. The one I found in that book. It is super simple to make, uses limited fabrics and comes together quickly. 

Wanna know how to make this wonderfully easy gift? You're in luck! One of my co-workers down the hall just had a little boy with his wife and I just haven't had time to make their gift until now! 

You only need three fabrics to make this little quilt. It is a great early tummy time quilt.

You'll need the following cuts of three fabrics for the quilt top:
  • Fabric #1 and #2: 1/3 to 1/2 yard (depending on direction of print)
  • Fabric #3: 2/3 to 3/4 yard

The final front will look like this diagram:

You will also need an additional 1 1/2 yards of one of the fabrics for backing.

To create this quit top:
Cut 14 5.5" by 5.5" squares from both Fabric #1 and Fabric #2
Cut 8 10.5" by 10.5" squares from Fabric #3.

Pair up Fabric #1 and #2 and sew together with a 1/4" seam to create 14 total rectangles.
Be sure to press each to the same fabric on all.

To pair them up, I just sit each stack of blocks next to my machine and stitch away.
I also do not snip the threads between each rectangle until I sew all 14 rectangles. Chain sewing like this creates a steady flow and also speeds things up.

Take your 14 rectangles and match them up as show in the above diagram. Your seams should be pressed opposite of each other and butt up precisely. Sew these all together using chain sewing using 1/4" seam.

You will end up with a total of 7 blocks.

You will now take the Fabric #3 and match it up with the created blocks of Fabric #1 and #2. I generally pin a pairing of five to chain stitch these.

Finally I add in my third block to each row to do a final round of chain stitching to finish the rows.

After all of the rows are sewn, sew each row together. Do pay attention to the direction of your print and placement. You should end up with this:

(Ignore the other quilt! I was too lazy to take it down before I took this picture!)

For this quilt since the fabrics are so busy and I enjoyed the straight stitching so much with the last one, I did it again using my secret weapon: painter's tape! (Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree and $1 tape!)

I have still binding to add but that's a post for another day!

How's your sewing going?



  1. A-ha! painter's tape! Now why haven't i thought of that! Great tip, thank you!

  2. You are welcome! It does lose its 'stick' after one use but I figure when I only pay a buck for it... why not?!

  3. Oh wow!! Painters tape!! What an awesome idea

  4. I use strip of painter's tape over and over and it works just fine.

  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern, I have THREE baby quilts to make and found the perfect fabric yesterday. This was what I had pictured in my mind. You've got the measurements so now I don't have to figure it out by myself. ~Shalom

  6. Great explanation!!! Did you stitch on both sides of the tape?

  7. What is the finished size of this quilt?

    1. 30"x50" - I've modified the quilt since and frequently do 8" finished squares and do a 5x5 block.

    2. When you do the 8inch big block, what size do you cut out the smaller 4?

  8. Instead of cutting and sewing each block separately could you sew 5.5 x length of the fabric and cut 5.5 pieces from each strip? Then flip the pieces every other one and sew together to form the block? I’m a newbie so is this possible?

    1. Yes! I actually do that now! This was written with the original instructions in mind.

  9. I'm preparing to do another quilt using this pattern - I LOVE IT!! So simple - and the lady I'm making it for, loves searching for just the right "signature" fabric for the big block, then I choose two other fabrics for the little 4-patches and the binding, with Minky on the back. Thanks for your work in developing the pattern - it's awesome!

  10. What great quilts!!! Thanks for sharing. I'll be making some of these for Joaquin's Basket--perfect size for them!

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  12. The basket is filled with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, socks, a baby towel, washcloths, baby bath, baby lotion, powder, butt paste, 3 onesies, 2 sleepers, a sleep sack, 3 pair socks, a hair brush & comb and nail clippers.

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  14. Ashley, I keep counting the blocks. It looks like a total of 15, rather than 14. But it's a great idea for baby quilt!

    1. I was reading the directi
      ons wrong. Can't delete my comment, sorry.

  15. Wow!what a beautiful quilt is, I love the fabrics colors n pattern too. I m newbi but will try it soon. Thanks for sharing 👍 😊 😀 🙂 🙏

  16. First time to make a quilt.
    I want to make a full size quilt using the blocks. How many blocks do I cut? Also using a dove in the blocks It's a wedding gift to my granddaughter.


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