Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Out of a Slump with A Wonderful Cause

Lately, I've been a bit of slump with my sewing and crafting. I got super excited about creating my header and images but then hit a wall. I am having trouble making my quilting labels (something wrong with the application, I think). Plus, I have so many ideas that I am just frustrated because I cannot pick one. Also, good ole' Louisiana weather has been kicking my booty with all the weather changes and I've been sick with allergies and horrible sinus pressure.

I am on the mend. Hopefully, fingers crossed. But I still haven't set foot in my sewing room. Most nights I've curled up on the couch, enjoyed Netflix, and played on my Kindle Fire. But today, I stumbled across an awesome idea...

I recently discovered the site SewLikeMyMom. Don't ask me how. It is like most of the blogs and bloggers that I enjoy reading. I found them through Pinterest, Facebook, or just googling something random. Today I found her post about Tote Bags for Cancer. Wow. It really spoke to me.

Just like her inspiration for the post here spoke to me. The post was written by MJ, who discovered at 24 that she had breast cancer. The raw emotion of the post, a reflection coming nine years after this discovery, hit me like a ton of bricks. I am three years older than she was when she discovered that her body was attacking itself. That a major surgery or radiation may be the only things to allow her to see her children grow up. Thinking about that, about how life can change in a moment, made me realize a few things....

No mater what happens I have been blessed. I have not experienced any major medical or health problems, just run of the mill things. I have had some major personal obstacles, such as experiencing the loss of my father and other family members. But I have been able to get through them with the help of my family and loved ones.

So this post really made me think, especially about the whole giving back thing. I am the first to admit that I am not too good about this. I don't give to a specific charity. I don't have a favorite charity. I give during Christmas and I need to be better about giving to others.

So here is my first step. I am going to join in on Melissa's challenge to her readers to join MJ on her quest. I'm going to make it my goal to make four or five totes to mail to MJ before the end of April. I also want to make a few extra bags to donate to a local hospital.

And I'm going to keep this in mind:
I borrowed this image from SewLikeMyMom's website. Why? Because I want this reminder. I want to remember that I need to serve others and I need to love others.
Please go read MJ's story. Join her or start your own way to serve your community.


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