Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My New Look

So excited about my new look and I'm not taking my physical look though that's about to change too! (That's for a different day!)

I decided to change up the entire look of my blog! The background and the header in particular. I wanted to make the blog more me. Which if you can't do that what's the point of blogging.

Of course, that being said, I have actually made two different headers and keep switching them back and forth! I can't decide! :)
Here's option 1:

Here's option 2:

Option 2 is the one that I am currently using and leaning toward. I like that I have room to insert new pictures if I get tired of the current ones as I create new projects.

Plus I love my little sewing frog! I'll explain later why I love him so much. For one, I made him using various free clip-art I found online. That being said, I probably need to do a post on the digital crafting that I had to do make him up. Plus give credit to the sites I pulled the images from. For another, I love frogs! Not real ones. Just the cute little stuffed or ceramic ones. They are everywhere in my house. Seriously. I'll have to take pics of all of the ones everywhere!

I'm also in the middle of making some sewing labels to use on the quilts and garments that I make. I tend to lean to the fussy when making these. No idea since I don't typically think of myself as fussy and over-done. But here I go with fussy!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the small labels that I have made up:

Basically I will fold these in half to use in place of the larger ones I have made up. So my name will be one side with the image on the other. I LOVE that frog!!! :)

Can't wait to finish up my labels tomorrow. My hubby is setting up the printer so I can print them. Plus, I'll be back with a tutorial on how to make these too. Plus, any fails that I encounter!

Have a great night!!


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