Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

On Thursdays, I will post a few of things that I have been thinking about. This includes projects that I thinking of creating, thoughts about life and family and just general get-it-out-there-and-out-of-my-head ramblings.

I am....

... excited about going out of town this weekend with my hubby. 

... happy that I'm going to have time and space to work on a bunch projects while at the hotel.

... sure that my hubby and I will spend way too much time hanging out in our hotel room. Why? Because he loves hotel rooms and I love having a bunch of space to spread out!!

... thrilled that I'm going to get a day of fun with my sister and her kids at a science museum on Saturday. But my hubby is staying at the hotel to work on some homework for his graduate program. 

... hoping that my coworker likes the tote bag that I'm planning on making her this weekend. She knows about it but doesn't know anything about it.

... excited about the Artist Trading Cards that I have created and are planning on making. I'll be posting pictures of them soon. 

What are your weekend plans?


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