Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

 Erm... Thoughtful Saturday??

On Thursdays, I will post a few of things that I have been thinking about. This includes projects that I thinking of creating, thoughts about life and family and just general get-it-out-there-and-out-of-my-head ramblings.

I am....

... hopeful that I am finally done with this stomach virus! Yes, I was the lucky girl who got the stomach virus twice in less than three weeks. 

... excited about finishing up the totes that I made for MJ's collection. Right now I have almost six completed but I have enough fabric left that I should be able to make another two or three. I pointedly made them happy and fun. I wanted them to be super happy. :) 

... pleased with how well the totes are actually turning out! I always get a bit nervous when I am working on things for others. (Which is actually all I ever do! I have only made myself one quilt and it isn't close to being finished!) I am using this tutorial and putting my own twist on them! I added inside pockets and closures.  Totes without closures drive me insane because I am insanely clumsy and always knock my bags over.

... planning on picking up one or two of my favorite little ones to run errands with. I know it makes things crazier for me but they are so much fun! :) 

... hoping that I get better at sewing in zippers! I have made two zipper pouches and I am not entirely pleased with my zipper installation. I'm going to go with my hubby's reasoning and keep trying as I know that if I don't practice I won't get any better! 

... hoping to put together a tutorial on how I created the totes I am making for MJ's collection. I ended up combining about four different online tutorials to create my totes. Basically I took techniques from the other sites and applied them to the basic tote tutorial at Skip to my Lou

... excited that I mailed off three sets of Artist Trading Cards on Thursday. It is the first sets that I have created and I am a little nervous. Here's a picture of one that I created:

... impatiently waiting to go to my mom's tomorrow so I can make a run to a craft store to pick up some stamps and such for the swap I just signed up for. There are no craft stores in this small town so I have to drive an hour to get a fix! 

Time to get ready to run errands!


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