Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Work in Progress...

... no more! 

I have finally finished the baby quilt that I used in making my Perfect Baby Gift tutorial! Meaning, that I finally gave it to the baby's parents!

All of these photographs were actually taken at my office before start of business! 
Completely forgot to take pictures before I left home!

This quilt has definitely been finished for a little bit. It actually has been sitting at the house long enough for me to wash it not once, but twice! Since I have two cats that love to cuddle with my quilting/sewing/knitting/crafting projects, I try to wash all of my items before gifting them to others, especially if it is for a little one!

Here is a picture of it hanging up with straight pins because I didn't want to damage my walls! :)

My favorite part is definitely the quilting! I just love the straight lines with the uneven spacing of them. It makes my heart smile...
Got to love my painter's tape trick!

You would think that since I waited FOR-EVER to give them this quilt that I would have at least bought a gift bag for it. NOPE! My solution? The jute twine that I picked up for a dollar at Target this weekend:

Sigh... I'll get the grown-up thing down one day!

I made this quilt for the son of one of the sweetest couples that I know. Plus, their little boy is uber-adorable! Hope you love it, Mama and Daddy! :)

Any one else have any super late finishes?


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