Monday, March 31, 2014

Yay!! Guess what I won?!?!?!

Recently I entered a giveaway over at Sew Like My Mom's site. Just like every one else, I'll click on that little enter me button not expecting to win... but this time I did!!

Last week, I went ahead and just clicked the enter button for Sew Like My Mom's 5,000,000 Pageview Giveaway. I figured it wouldn't hurt but I probably wouldn't win. (I enter these things all the time over at Young House Love and never win. Hint, hint, universe!)
I was super surprised when I was cruising my email on my phone while at work and saw the email saying that I had won!
What I saw in my email around lunch.

I actually assumed that it was spam and actually had to prove to myself that it wasn't by visiting the site. This is what I saw and made do the happy dance in work chair!

You see there... Number 3 on the list? Yep, that's me! EEEK!! Of course, I had entered without actually completing reading what the available prizes are. Anyone else do that? Just think, "Oh, look it's free. I'll just sign up!" Yep, do it all the time!

Wanna know what I won so you can be crazy-jealous??
Okay here's another screenshot to make you pout!

If you cannot read that, here is the breakdown: (And, yep, I did a copy and paste in Blogger! If the links are broken, it's Melissa's (from Sew Like My Mom) fault!)

OMG!! I am so beyond excited about getting these!

I've already started to pick out the patterns that I want. Of course, the ones from Sew Like My Mom found here.

Plus Meghan from Sewing Geek Patterns already contacted me and sent me the pattern I requested: the Olive Dress. It was a super hard decision as I really liked the Audrey Dress also. I went with the Olive Dress as I just love a little peasant dress! Plus I have three little girls to practice on! My niece (of course), the grandbaby of one of my co-workers and the niece of another.

I cannot wait to pick out my patterns from the other people! Of course, I'm also worried about the hard time I KNOW that I will have deciding on which to get! Guess I better get that PayPal account ready for the patterns that I cannot live without!

I'll post my creations as I get them done!


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