Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby Airplanes

I decided to break from my standard baby quilt pattern and instead create the Fat Quarter Quilt from the Two Little Banshees site! When I did my search this morning, I found that she has turned the pattern into a PDF for Craftsy. Go here to follow the link to Craftsy to download for free!

I LOVE this pattern and the incorporation of the different colors. I am still a little hesitant when combining colors. I have a habit of picking on multi-colored, object print and then pairing it with a lot of solids! Of course, I followed my norm with this quilt but I still love it!

I made this quilt for the one of the pastors of my church and his wife. This is baby boy 3 for them. The oldest boy is in LOVE with airplanes, especially the older models! And of course, little brother is following suit and falling in love with them too! So it was only natural that I search out a focal airplane fabric.

When I initially began my search I was thinking little tiny airplanes that were childish and whimsical. Of course, I didn't have time to drive the hour north or south to reach a real fabric store so I had to settle for my local Walmart. I had my niece and two nephews with me and just asked them to look for airplanes. My niece was the one that spotted this fabric! I was so excited as it was actually so perfect. Plus it made more sense than whimsy that I was thinking!

Finished Product!

Please excuse the horrible pictures as I took them with my iPhone in the evening with horrible lighting!
Front using pattern
Backing incorporating all the colors
My hubby dropped this off yesterday for me while I was at work. He told me that the parents loved it and were excited about it! Hopefully little brother and big brother won't be too jealous of the new airplane quilt. Of course, if they are I better get sewing their blankets!



  1. Very nice - almost Mondrian-esque!

  2. I think the lighting's alright, that makes a lovely quilt, and one that will be treasured.

  3. What a great gift, and how neat that kids helped you pick out the fabrics!

    1. My niece was so proud of herself for finding it for me!! She spotted it right off the bat!

  4. Such a beautiful finish, Ashley! You did an incredible job!


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