Friday, June 6, 2014

FINALLY Finished Friday


I have this wonderful sweet friend who I worked with for three years at the university. She is honestly one of the sweetest, down-to-earth people you will ever meet. She taught me so much about kindness and faith.

In May 2013 she finished her bachelor's degree in psychology. Did I mention she was incredibly smart?

So, of course, I decided I would make her a throw quilt using some of the precuts that I had randomly purchased on Amazon. In fact this one here.
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 I loved the colors and just knew that it would be perfect for her! Happy, bright but traditional!


So in late May I decided to make this quilt.

Piecing the top? No problem! Just used the strips to their full advantage and treated it similar to a Jelly Race Quilt with nice large borders.

Piecing the back? No problem! Simple colors with some interest thrown in with a paper pieced cross.

Quilting it? BIG problem!

First I couldn't decide how to quilt it. Wanted to do straight lines in the ditch. Didn't like the way it looked so I ripped it out.

Then I decided to hand quilt using a ripple around the cross. So I did that and I sewed from August to Christmas! And then put it up with the craziness of the holiday! Bad decision. :(

I finally pulled it back out in April and found that a hole had been ripped in the backing! Thankfully it was in an area I hadn't quilted, so while a pain, I could actually fix it. So all of my stash came out, found matching colors, and made some new blocks and threw them in!

I technically finished this quilt about two weeks ago. However, I haven't had time to actually get it in the mail to her! So the plan is to do that this afternoon!

EDIT 6/11/2014 7:50AM: I am the worst friend in the history of the world! This quilt is STILL in my canvas bag in my sewing room! I swear I will get this blanket to her by the end of the week! Maybe I should call the hubby right now to do it for me!

EDIT 6/13/2014 9:00 PM: It has finally made it to my friend!! My hubby went out of town and was able to meet up with her! She loves it!

The Finish:

Here is the finished product in all its glory!!!

 The side on the left is the original back and I had to add in the blocks on the right. I really like how it turned out though!

Now if I can just finish that baby blanket I start last week!



  1. Wow! This is so pretty! Love, love, love the backing. That was a happy accident?!!! Your quilting is incredible and really makes this piece shine. Well done, Ashley!

    1. Thanks! I love the backing too. Plus my friend loves it too.


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