Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

On Thursdays, I will post a few of things that I have been thinking about. This includes projects that I thinking of creating, thoughts about life and family and just general get-it-out-there-and-out-of-my-head ramblings.

I am....

 ... so ready for next Thursday to get here! I usually am not someone to wish my week away BUT... my four year wedding anniversary is then! My fantastic in-laws have gifted us with a weekend away! I have been under so much pressure and stress with some personal problems that this weekend will be a Godsend!

... grateful for wonderful and understanding parent-in-laws. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law are such kind people. They may not truly understand how much I need this weekend away but they are gifting it to both me and my husband out of love.

... grateful for a wonderful mother and sister. While I do watch my sister's kids most weekends, my mother comes down every other Sunday to have a day with them and give me a break. When I told my sister I would be going out of town and she would need to find a different sitter, she only told me to have fun and was not annoyed at the last minuteness of it! (Some may think that would be selfish of her to be annoyed but when you are a single mom and depend on your family to help with weekend childcare it can be annoying to lose it at the last minute.)

... excited for this weekend to start! My husband is heading out of town for a men's conference and my sister is taking the kiddos out of town on Saturday for a birthday party. So... I'll have Saturday to me!!! I have so many plans for tomorrow night and Saturday! :) Hopefully I won't end up binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream night! Maybe just a little ice cream and LOTS of sewing!

... hoping that the quilting on my classic block quilt starts behaving! The baby shower is on Sunday and at this rate I'll have the quilt ready about the time the baby turns 6 months!

... hoping to make a few freezer dinners for myself and to share this weekend. Our church friend with the new baby also has two other little ones at home and I'm sure she could appreciate a simple casserole to throw in the oven! Or maybe a crockpot meal. Hmmm?

What are your plans for the weekend?


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