Monday, June 23, 2014

Time for Task Tuesday

Okay, technically, it is still Monday.

However, I have a feeling I am going to be a bit out of it tomorrow so I figure I would do this early so I still did the post at least!

Tomorrow morning I am having what should be a simple procedure to determine why I have been having pain in my abdomen and side. They have ruled out gall bladder so they are moving on to other likely suspects. I am starting to think that I may have an ulcer of some type due to the stress that I have been under with my personal life and work. I don't know if I am more nervous that they will find something tomorrow or that they won't!

MicrosoftPublisher Clip Art

In the meantime, I am done with my June Classic Blocks! Go here to see the finish. I gave it to the grandmother-to-be this morning to pass on to the mommy! I'm hoping that the mommy likes it!

I am beyond behind on working on Amanda Jean's quilt along! I was so focused on working on my Classic Blocks that I barely worked on it! I did pull out a few fabrics that I am thinking of using in green, blue and yellow/orange. I have some fat quarter solid bundles that would look great together. However, I am trying to find some prints that will tie into my solids nicely. I have a hard time putting prints together which is probably why I love pre-cuts so much! All the matching is done for me!! :)

Hopefully while I am home tomorrow after my procedure I can pull a bunch of fabric out and make some decisions.

I am also going to start some quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) tote bags to work on. My hubby and I are taking an anniversary trip this weekend. (FOUR years, baby!) We are driving, or rather, HE's driving. So I want some simple sewing that I can do in the care and perfect stitches are not as important. Don't know yet what I'll do with them. I'll post them as soon as I finish. I guess I could always turn them into diaper bags!

How are your summer goals going?


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