Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time for Tasks Tuesday

Good afternoon, all!

This weekend has beyond crazy and I almost did no sewing! I did work on the binding for a baby quilt for a friend who is moving into week number 41 of her pregnancy! Thanks, kid, for staying put for me to finish your quilt! :) I'm sure momma doesn't feel the same way!

Also my younger nephew (2) is in the hospital with breathing issues. He's been there since Friday and actually spent one night in the PICU. :( Poor little thing. Thus, his brother (3) and sister (4) have spent the weekend with my husband and myself. Such a crazy thing to go from no kids to two kids. Of course a weekend at Aunt Ashley's is fun but not so much when I'm waking them up at 6AM to go to day care so I can get to work by 7AM. Please say a quick prayer for healing for Teagan and for the doctors to figure out why his oxygen levels are so low and why he is wheezing.

On a positive note, I spent Saturday at the zoo and at the city water park.

Made with Instragram
Made with Instragram
We had a blast even if it was hot! Gotta love June in Louisiana! Of course, it's only going to get worse!

Okay so enough about my weekend. (But please send healing thoughts to poor Teagan! And calming thoughts for my poor sister, his momma.)

EDIT: My nephew was finally released Tuesday afternoon! He's still wheezing some but he (and his momma) are at least at home doing breathing treatment. It appears that he has asthma.

Sewing Tasks!

Task 1:

Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts has posted the next step in the quilt along: fabric pull!

I love all of the combinations that she put together but I really like this one:
Not even sure why but I do! I usually am drawn to blue combos but this one caught my eye. Maybe because Tyler (3) loves green and that's all I've heard is "I want the green..." since Friday! :)

I cannot wait to get in my stash and find some fun boy-ish fabrics to use for this quilt along. Amanda Jean noted we needed about 3 - 4 yards so that means I'll need about 12 to 16 fat quarters. I'm not sure if I have any yardage put up that I could use but there is no telling!

Anybody else have boxes that they aren't sure what is in there but you know that you MUST keep it?

Task 2:

Plus I need to make some fabric decisions for the SewCanShe Classic Blocks sew along. June's blocks are the nine-patch and snowball. I am really thinking about making an entire quilt with these two blocks. I LOVE the example that she had. Go here to see it!

So this week I will get to play with fabrics! I can deal with that! :)

Can't wait to check back in with my fabric choices!


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