Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time for Tasks Tuesday

Cannot believe it is already June 17th! Y'all, this year is half over already! Didn't I just put up the Christmas decorations?!?!

Last week I started this new "Time for Tasks" post. (See here.) My two big goals for the summer are two different sew alongs.

I did great with Task 2: SewCanShe Classic Blocks, not so much with Task 1 with Amanda Jean.

Classic Blocks

I created these blocks for the June Classic Blocks.

Here are more of them put up on my design wall.
Just cock your head to one side! No idea what I was thinking when I took this wonky photo! It's "artistic"!

Unfortunately I had a measurement mishap at some point and I had to trim all my blocks to 12" square versus the 12.5" that the pattern calls for. Thus my points are nowhere near meeting. Bothers me a little but not enough to NOT gift this. :) Home made equals some mistakes, right? It has character!

Scrap Basket Quilt Along

I was supposed to do my fabric pull for this one over the week. Totally did not! I was worried I wouldn't have enough fabric and couldn't pull the trigger!

On Monday, Amanda Jean posted the information on the block construction. Now that I have the directions on putting the quilt together I think I'll be more comfortable in picking out my fabrics!

I have a few fat quarter bundles that I think may work well for this as well as some yardage. So we'll see what I find!


Hopefully by Friday I'll be done with the quilting of the baby gift. Right now I am fighting it for some reason. I've already ripped out about two hours worth of quilting. Sad part is I am doing straight quilting and it is just not working for me! I guess tonight I'll be working on the scrap basket quilt along to give myself some more time away from it!

Hoping I am more attentive to my tasks for myself in the coming week!


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