Friday, July 18, 2014

My Planner and Home Management Binder - The Planning

Lately I've been having trouble keeping on task and getting things done. Simply put, I haven't been as organized as I need to be. I have a planner that I keep on my desk at work.

(c) Crafty Ashley B
And yes this is what the corner of my desk looks like ALL the TIME! I am a bit of a mess!

However, I don't use it as much as I should or could. Another problem I have is it just feels bulky. Nor do I feel I can fit what I need in a planner and home management notebook into this small book. Thus, my search online for a different product.

What does it need to do? 

This is what I need and want to document, track and plan in this binder:
  • Month Calendar with a section for note taking
  • Family Information
  • Meal Planner
  • Chore Planner
  • Weekly Planner 
  • Bill Tracker/Finances
  • Blog Planner
  • Project Life - notes on events and photos to be transferred *not sure if this needs to be its own section or if it can be combined with the weekly planner
  • Artist Trading Card Swap Info 
Obviously this is a lot of information that I need to put in all one place. I'm still thinking about trying to use my current planner binder. It is nice and compact but there isn't a lot of printables ready to go already. Thus, I would be making a lot of stuff. Plus, I just don't know if I can cram everything I want into it!

So I have two options: 

  • Option One: 
    • Create basic forms (no flourishes) to use in my current small planner
    • Use these new forms for four to six weeks for testing.
    • If it works, update forms with flourishes for personal use and upload to blog (if possible)
  • Option Two:
    • Create new planner/binder using standard paper size and purchase a (pretty) functional binder
    • Print and use a variety of free printables available online
    • Possibly create my own layouts using bits and pieces from a few different sources.
I haven't quite decided which option is a better fit for me. I had wanted to have a decision made by Friday so I could start using my binder. Namely, start using the meal planning section!

What would you choose to do??

(c) Crafty Ashley B

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