Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

On Thursdays, I will post a few of things that I have been thinking about. This includes projects that I thinking of creating, thoughts about life and family and just general get-it-out-there-and-out-of-my-head ramblings.

I am....

 ...hoping to finish up two totes that I have started. I have hand-quilted two fronts over the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure what I will do with them when I finish but they kept me quite busy! 

... still struggling on how to get organized using a planner and home management binder. Really want to have something in place before next week but not sure how I'm going to do it! 

... going to be quite busy this weekend. I will be attending and helping at the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival. I've helped out each year in some way for the last three years. This year I will once again be running the consignment store located inside.

...  ready for my coworker to return from her vacation. I'm sure she is having a blast but I sure miss my buddy! 

... thinking that one of the things that I will need to add to my planner is some type of exercise tracker. I am not as physically active as I should be. I can't seem to even make myself go for a walk in the evenings or do simple yoga in the mornings. I think that once I am more organized with my life, blog, cleaning, and fun stuff that it'll be easier to fit that in my day! 

... needing to find time to get my Sailboat block done for the SewCanShe. Maybe I can knock that out tonight! Only need four fabrics so that should be simple enough! But then to figure out how to use it in a larger quilt! 

What's in your plans this weekend?

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