Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time for Tasks Tuesday

Hi, all!

I spent my weekend majorly busy with massive decluttering and just general cleaning. Not much crafting at all going on here. Unless you count sorting through craft supplies!

I am still working on some hand quilted items that I plan to turn into tote bags. However, my hubby has mentioned that one of them might be more fun as a wall hanging. Really surprised me that he suggested it! :) I'll post these once I actually turn the blocks into the totes!

On Friday my niece Jayden and I collaborated to create a baby quilt for her dolls. Sweet girl designed it herself and help me machine stitch the quilt together and add the ric-rac and ribbon. She actually sewed all the buttons on by herself! I was quite surprised that she knew how! She is only four!

Like aunt, like niece! :)

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Jayden with her quilt! So proud of herself!
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Task Time!

Yesterday, SewCanShe posted this month's block: the Sailboat Block! Eek! It is adorable! Plus I can make it in super large scale to turn into a baby quilt to stock pile! Either that or Ms. Jayden will be adding a sailboat quilt to her doll bed!

My sister's sister-in-law (us Southerns like to make family connections a little complicated!) is having a little boy in December. Her third boy! She is going with a space theme so unfortunately I cannot use this sweet pattern for her. I have a feeling that Jayden is going to love help to make this quilt. She is great at finding fabrics for little boys, probably because she has two little brothers!

So how are your tasks for the summer? On top of them or procrastinating? (Like me and Amanda Jean's quilt along? That's already done!!)


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