Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time for Tasks Tuesday

This weekend was nearly a total bust on sewing.

I was able to finish up my Sailboat Block for SewCanShe. I made only the 12 inch finished block. I have a great idea on making it into a baby blanket. I'll either put it up for a later gift or gift it to my sister's sister-in-law. (Don't forget I'm in the South; this is how we roll! Just wait until I get four or five contacts down!) I'll post my finish later. I know I want to make the 24 inch finished block also.

I spent Friday and Saturday working the local Folk Festival. I ended up working over 20 hours in two days! I did get to spend some time with my niece. She came and worked with me for a couple of hours!
(c) Crafty Ashley B
My niece volunteering at the Folk Festival.

By the time I walked into the house Saturday night I was EXHAUSTED! I completely vegged out on Sunday and just  enjoyed my couch and laptop.

On Sunday I worked on getting my planner/home management binder together. I ended up not really finding anything out there ready made that I really liked. Thus, I combined a bunch of elements from different free printables. I'm hoping I can use this system to make my life easier. School will be starting soon so being organized and on top of things will make things much nicer.

Unfortunately I still haven't done anything with Amanda Jean's quilt along. I would very much like to make the pattern but I'm not sure if I'll get to it anytime soon!

How are your summer plans going?

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