Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time for Tasks Tuesdays

Wow, it has been entire week since I've posted anything. I evidently am getting worse at this posting weekly thing!

I have actually noticed in the last few weeks that a lot of things have been slipping away from me. I thought I had a good planner and time management system in place but do not evidently. Thus, I am currently on the hunt for a new planner and management system.

However, it has to be more than just calendar. I want to be able to do meal planning and blog scheduling there. Plus plan and make notes on my Project Life album that I am so far behind on. Plus make notes on projects that will ultimately make it to the blog! And a chore system because my current one of clean it when I can't stand it isn't really working!

Thus, there isn't a ready to be bought planner out there. Unless you want to pay a bunch of money for someone to design one for you. Thus, it is time for me to create my own system. To that end I've been checking out Pinterest and pinning some potential candidates. (Go see my board here.)

There are a ton of ideas out there. Now to just figure out if there are any free printables that will work for what I want and need or if I will need to do a mash-up of a few different printables to get to my end goal of the perfect planner! (for me, of course!)

I do plan to share what I find along the way and do a final write up on it. Hopefully this process will not take F-O-R-E-V-E-R and I can make a decision in the next few days. As in, before the weekend! I know it will not be perfect at first but I want something in place just to play and see what might work.

I know the fall will be quite busy as I am teaching for two different colleges plus my regular duties at work plus home duties plus helping out my sister with her kids PLUS working athletic games at my university! So a planner/home management system is going to be a must!

Do you have any printables that you can share? Or a website that has some awesome printables??

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