Friday, September 12, 2014

Business Birthday Gift

It's Finished!

I have a wonderful friend that I met in graduate school. She is wonderfully kind and thoughtful. On top of that she is a wonderfully talented jewelry artist. Her business, Coffee Cat Creations, was officially created on August 31 of 2011. Thus, for her business "birthday" I made a one-of-a-kind business-inspired tote bag!

I used the tutorial here for the measurements. I changed it up by making the pockets from paper pieced blocks from the Block Central website. Pointedly I use the mug and the heart cat (but didn't piece in the heart). Also, her absolutely favorite color is purple which is why so much purple is included. Plus she uses pink and purple in her logo so I tried to mirror the colors.

(c) Coffee Cat Creations
The Coffee Cat Creations logo
I changed the tote up a bit more by adding a dark panel on the bottom to help disguise any stains. I did this by simply cutting off the bottom three inches of the pocket panel and adding in the darker fabric. Since the directions called for a three inch square in creating the bottom, I knew that this would work well.
(c) Crafty Ashley B

I also added in a large pocket in the inside. I actually used a piece of her old school uniform that her mother had kept and she had recently gifted to me. Hopefully this will bring back fond memories of her mother and not bad ones from school!

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Look at my label! Whoop-whoop!

Here's a better photograph of the front from Cat's Facebook page. Please go check out her page here.
(c) Coffee Cat Creations
The colors come out so much better here! Probably because she used a proper camera versus an iPhone!
Love this tote!

I'm link up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and Quilt Matters with TGIFF! If you want to see awesome projects go take a look!

(c) Crafty Ashley B

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