Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello, Out There!

Wow! It's been nearly a month to the day since the last time I was active on this blog. Amazingly my stats bar shows that people are still checking in and seeing what I've been up to. Or rather what I haven't been up to!

I could offer excuse after excuse but it comes down to poor time management and a priority list. My sanity went to the top of that list and this blog dropped to the bottom. This is such a new project for me that it is easy to drop it to keep the basics on top, such as laundry, food, and going to work!

This semester like last fall, I am teaching one class during my normal full-time job plus teaching at a community college. Thankfully that only puts me at teaching two courses. While at times I almost wish I could drop my evening class, I know that I cannot as I do enjoy teaching and keeping up to date with those skills. In addition, it gives me money pocket money for fabric and things! (You know, like groceries!)

I will admit that I have missed writing on this blog. To putting my feelings, thoughts and projects out on the bloggersphere for others to read, connect and (hopefully) draw inspiration. I am going to pointedly make time at least twice a week to actually write. Writing a blog is actually very difficult as you have to actually think to take photographs during the creation process and also figure out how to explain a process with words that someone other than yourself can understand.

Right now I plan to participate in some link-ups that I was already posting to. In my absence I have been creating and sewing and enjoying myself there. I pointedly made time to actually create during my hectic time as it was one thing that helped to relax me. I have a finish that I already plan to post on Friday. It was a gift for a friend that I have already gifted so I don't have to worry that she'll accidentally spy it!

I'll be back soon!

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