Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting Involved and Discoveries

I would love to get more involved with people who quilt. While I am very lucky to have a great friend that hosts weekly Craft and Chat meetings, all of the attendees (our friends) do not quilt. While that means everyone at these meetings are impressed with my creations, I don't have any one to really bounce ideas off of.

Thus, yesterday I began looking for local guilds that I could possibly join as well as some online options. My biggest problem lies in where I live which is a small town situated midway between two larger cities (an hour away in each direction). Plus I work 40+ hours a week so I don't have a lot of free time.

There are guilds in these *not too far away* cities; they meet during the week. Thus I would be driving at least two hours full trip for a meeting that last 1 to 2 hours. While that may sound doable I don't know if my pocketbook (or the hubby) would like that!

But I also found a guild in the same town that my husband's parents live. PLUS their meetings are on Saturdays! Thus we could visit his parents AND I could go to a meeting! Right now I think we are going to go to their November meeting (just missed the October one!).

While this isn't ideal, it will allow me the opportunity to interact with others in a guild setting plus see my in-laws!

Online Discovery

Have you ever heard of the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side? I hadn't! I found it yesterday somehow; not quite sure how I found it! But I am so glad I did! She has a number of categories; some are non-specific in style but are specific in size, while other categories, such as ROYGBIV, should be very interesting!
The pretty button made by Amy! This one isn't live but the one in the sidebar is!

The way I'm reading the rules you cannot post an old blog but only new materials. This is great for me because it MAKES me make something. Now obviously this is a personal choice to join in but I'm excited to be able to make a go of it! I'm not sure which category I will aim for but when in doubt I'll just put it in the size categories! Easy enough right?


Awesome Block of the Month Club

I have been seeing various block of the month clubs as I am looking at different online stores. I cannot convince myself to spend the money to commit to such a club. However, I found Sew Sweet Simplicity over at Jackquelyn Steves!

Image of the two quilts you could make

She does offer a quilt kit that you can purchase in two different colorways. I probably won't order the kit but will go through some of the pretties I already own and just purchase some new coordinating fabrics. Though I am very enjoying her colors, especially the blue option. I love the mix of the blue and pink!

It looks like a wonderful way to learn a new technique and perhaps even join two different ones, embroidery and applique. I am really excited for October 27th to get here to get that first block!

Please go check out these two pages and join up! I have their buttons live in the side bar.

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