Friday, January 2, 2015

Block Swapping! And Hexie Plans

After being involved in the Pincushion Swap hosted by Caroline over at SewCanShe, a couple of spin-off Facebook groups evolved. I've become involved with three different swap groups! I'm so excited to be joining with them!

It seems that since going to the November meeting of the NELA guild, I've been too busy to go to another! I can't make the January meeting due to a hand applique class at Cotton Candy Quilts in a Bossier City, LA! I'm quite excited about this class as I do not know how to applique!

The three groups that I am participating in are a bit different but have the same idea. In Tatty Swap we are creating 6.5" (unfinished) blocks with a bit of input from the recipient. For example, one of the ladies I'm swapping with wishes to build a black-and-white international quilt. I was happy to oblige! I'm not too sure how many I'll end up with in this group. For January I am mailing out four (below). Only one is an international mail out. Not sure how long that will take to reach the United Kingdom though!

I'm happy to note that these four blocks got in the mail today so that counts as a finish, right?
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Disappearing 9-Patch

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Machine-Appliqued Hexagon Flower

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Top: Stripped piece with white focal piece; no pattern
Bottom: Mug Rug for my February swap (next group); Inspiration here
 In the mug rug group we are swapping mug rugs but at a much slower pace! Currently I have a partner for February, April and June. I am quite happy to have this one at a slower pace! We do have themes based on the holidays of the months (Easter and 4th of July). I am glad to know this now so I can start looking for ideas going forward. My mug rug for February is ready to go and is shown above!

Lastly I am doing a Baker's Dozen swap within a larger group. Basically I make 13 blocks (12.5" unfinished) and mail 12 of them. In the end I'll be able to sew up a quilt using everyone's block with my final 13th block for my own. I'm not sure what I'll be doing though I'm leaning toward a simple block using a set number of fabrics (4-6).

I am still making lots of hexies. After my little cutting accident on Wednesday I've been avoiding my sewing room. Word to the wise that rotary cutter is sharp! Luckily it wasn't as bad as could have been. I've cut into the top quarter of the middle finger nail of my left hand. Luckily it isn't my dominant hand!

I have sewn together a few of the hexies into flowers and plan to sew them onto a background of green. Thinking of doing a crazy quilt background of various shades with minimal quilting. This will be the spring pillow for my work office. Here's the flowers all ready to go:
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Ready for the background
I completely re-organized my fabric storage. Hopefully it will work better in a dresser but we shall see. Also, my hubby's study is ready for the spring term to start!
I have finally chosen a design for the 1000+ hexies that I have sewn up and sitting in a box! I plan to recreate the design found here. Pointedly I'm going for this look:
Shared from this site

I have no idea how many hexies this will end of taking but I am excited to have a goal and pattern in mind finally! Of course I have so enjoyed this that I will likely continue to make hexies with no end goal for quite some time. Maybe next times I'll try diamonds!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the new year! Here's to happy sewing and no more cut fingers! (Or sewn fingers!)

I'm linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict, crazy mom quilts, and Quokka Quilts! If you are here from those sites, HI! If you haven't visited them, do it! Their sites are awesome and the link-ups are great!.

Happy sewing!

(c) Crafty Ashley B


  1. Super cute hexies! Swapping is wonderful and I have done several. As long as your address to the UK is correct, it should get there. I've shipped many blocks and fabric all over the world and haven't had any problems. As for applique, have fun! Many moons ago I did needle turn applique and adored it. Happy New Year!

    1. I do so hope it reaches her fine. I can't for my class to learn a new skill!

  2. Those hexies and are too adorable! Ashley, it sure looks like you have a lot of pots are on the stove! Wishing you a very happy and creative new year!

    1. I have to keep busy! :) Hope you have a wonderful year also!


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