Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Hardest Grown-Up Decision I Have EVER Made

Since the beginning of my social media adventure, I have shared photographs of my family; both the two-legged and four-legged version. I had two wonderful little cats until yesterday when I had to make a decision that I had hoped I wouldn't have to make for a very long time.

On Friday my hubby took our 8-year old cat, Marcus, to the vet. We had noticed he was more lethergic than normal and had lost weight. He is normally a very lazy cat in the summer since we live in Louisiana and he is a long-haired cat. They determined he was dehydrated and needed to stay the weekend to recuperate. After not seeing the results they wanted more tests were run.
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Marcus' last photo before he passed

I could go on and on about what happened but basically his organs were failing, cause unknown. Yes, I could have spent hundreds of dollars finding out exactly what happened. However, Marcus hates car rides and we would have had to travel an hour away to run an evasive test. At the end of the day, he was a very sick kitty and was in a good bit of pain.

Harvey and I decided to tell our little guy good bye. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and I am crying right now thinking of my little naughty guy.

Marcus was grumpy, grouchy, naughty and loved to give me cuddles. He loved boxes of any size and would sit, sleep and scratch one until I threw it away because he had destroyed it. His long hair will forever be found on my clothes, furniture and my fabric stash. He always knew when I was sick and would lay down with me to give me comfort. He gave us seven years of love and we will always love him.
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Giving me night-time cuddles which was not usually for this little guy.

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Marcus and his box!

I will probably be on a small sewing fast for the next few weeks as my heart heals and the tears fall less. He was a wonderful sewing buddy and would always sit next to my machine or in the room as I sewed. He especially loved it when I would hand sew and he would sit near my feet.
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Marcus and Sophie helping me sew
Some may see him as "just a cat" but he was my baby for 7 years. I'm sorry he is gone but I am so glad he isn't hurting anymore.

I love you, Marcus! I'll miss you.


  1. Ashley, my heart goes out to you and your family and I'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts. They are never "just cats and dogs." I'm sadden when people say that to us animal lovers, because they have never opened their hearts to the bond that comes with loving them. It is special and should never be minimized. I know there is nothing I can say that will ease what you are feeling, but I am truly sorry for your loss. What a cute little guy. And cats and their boxes...too funny :)

  2. Oh Ashley, I have tears in my eyes as I write you this. I'm so so sorry to hear of your loss; it is a decision we have had to go through more than once and it is never ever easy; it tears your heart out. Hope it helps to know another animal lover, dogs and cat owner is sending you hugs. I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now; the summer hop was crazy and then the new block hop and crazier, and I just have fallen way behind in reading blogs. My Bella, too, LOVES boxes, so I loved hearing about Marcus's fetish, and loved the one of him in the lid! Know that the warm fuzzy feelings and pawprints on our heart (cliché but true) they gave us stay with us forever, and help to lessen the sadness. Hugs.


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