Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Sewing Goals

I wanted to share my sewing goals for this year even if we are already into April!

(c) Crafty Ashley B

Goal 1: Complete my niece's twin quilt! 

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I pieced my niece's quilt in 2011!! Geez! That's FIVE years ago! my niece was two years old when I started it! 

Luckily Tinkerbell and crew haven't changed a bunch in the last few years!! So the quilt still works! My niece is beyond ready to have her quilt!

I'm working on hand quilting it currently. It's slow going but nice to work on in the evening.
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Basting the Tink quilt!

Goal 2: Start and complete two twin quilts for my nephews!

My older nephew, Tyler, still uses his crib quilt - his square blanket - but is quickly outgrowing it. My younger nephew, Teagan, very much wants his own "square blanket" and asks me repeatedly to make him one too.

I have purchased a good bit of fabric for the project: superhero fabrics - the Avengers, Superman, Batman, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and their favorite colors - yellow and orange for Teagan and green for Tyler. I plan to add a bit of blue and red to even it all out.

Not sure how I will end up piecing the quilts but they need to be similar as the boys share a room. PLUS they have to have squares! I'm really leaning toward 9-patch or an economy block as it will use the superhero fabrics to their advantage. 

Goal 3: Create two small sewn items each for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

My mother-in-law had the great idea for us girls to make goody boxes - shoe box sized - and exchange in June. My sister-in-law moved a few months back to Arizona and my mother-in-law lives a couple of hours from the hubby and me. That means that we don't see each other as much as we would like. The items in the box need to be small, not very expensive, and fun! I plan to make a couple of things for each of them. One of the major things I want to make is a zippered make-up bag. They will have the same outside fabrics with their favorite colors on the inside. I'm still trying to decide what kind of bag I will make; there are so many tutorials out there that I'm sure I'll find the perfect one.

Goal 4: Finish piecing my large hexagon flower quilt. 

I've been working on an English paper piecing project with 1.5" hexagons. I still have a number 1" hexagons made and that larger project going (see here for the last post I did or you can search for "Hexies" in the labels). But I've tabled it for now as I've moved to this simpler project with the larger hexagons.

I'm quite excited to be working on this larger project and hope to gift it to my mom at some point. It's all purple, pink and red flowers with the same yellow centers and two shades of green in between the flowers. I don't have a large photograph but I do have a close up.
(c) Crafty Ashley B
Pretty flowers! 

Goal 5: Create and complete a total of five baby quilts (three girls and two boys) by July. 

So far I've actually completed and gifted one of these quilts!! I'm very happy about that. So now I have only four to actually complete. The two girl quilts will be in similar colorways with pink, yellow, and gray with some fun jungle animals. Found some cute fat quarters that are going to turn out some pretty little quilts.

I've given myself a deadline of July for two reasons: 1) to actually finish them timely and 2) three of the babies are already here! The other two are due in a couple of months. I'll tackle the quilts for those who are born and then go from there. 

(c) Crafty Ashley B

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