Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Break and the Boys' Quilts

My Christmas Break is coming to an end. This is one of the perks for working for a university! Christmas Break. Of course, the problem with this Christmas Break was the flu! Both the hubby and I ended up with the flu with me having it prior to Christmas and the hubby getting a positive result right after Christmas.

Here's basically what we did for two weeks:
(c) Crafty Ashley B

That's right! Hanging on the couch, puppy cuddles, and lots of Christmas movies!

Oh, and the hubby made fun of my Sam's Club purchase:

(c) Crafty Ashley B

Yep, that's 12 full-sized boxes of Kleenex! I bought those 10 days ago and we have gone through about 8 boxes at this point! Smart purchase!

I finally felt well enough on Thursday to actually sew! So I pulled out the fabric for my nephews' quilts and started cutting and sewing. I decided to make them both at the same time.
(c) Crafty Ashley B

I decided to make the quilts the same with T's quilt with lots of orange and Ty's quilt with lots of green.

Here's the layouts I decided on - but only the top half of the quilts:
(c) Crafty Ashley B
T's with orange centers

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Ty's with green centers
I'll be adding the coordinating sashing to each of the them. They should both finish around 70"X90" once I add the sashing and borders.

I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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  1. I'm so sorry you and your husband were sick over Christmas and especially because it was your break. I hope you're both feeling better by now. Your quilts look bright and happy and perfect for boys!


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