About Me

My wonderful husband and I are the fur-parents of two fur-babies, Sophie-Kitty and ZoeyPuppy.

(c) Crafty Ashley B
Aren't we cute!?!
May 2017

(c) Crafty Ashley B (c) Crafty Ashley B

While my husband and I don't have children yet, I dote on my niece and nephews and frequently make them handmade things. (Especially my niece! Girl things are so cute!)

I work at my alma mater and love my job and students! I enjoy it so much I commute an hour one way each day!  I oversee our tutoring program and love working with my students and helping them succeed! I also work with our at-risk students (academics and financial aid).

I enjoy making things and figuring out different projects. A lot of the things I make come from tutorials online. But mostly I just put together different ideas to come up with my own products (even if it doesn't work quite the way I thought it would!).

Thanks for joining on this crazy ride!

Updated: 12/30/2017

(c) Crafty Ashley B